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New/Old video of Robert Pattinson inside the theater – Berlinale LIFE premiere

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*VIDEO* New interview of Robert Pattinson with Associated Press – LIFE Berlinale pres junket


New picture of Robert Pattinson at the premiere of LIFE – Berlinale

Here’s a new great picture of Robert Pattinson at the premiere of LIFE – Berlinale


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New Robert Pattinson interview with Yahoo Singapore – Berlinale LIFE press junket

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EN Interview 1 – Ever since the Twilight films turned him into an object of mass attention, Robert Pattinson has tried to find his way clear of fan obsession and make his mark as a serious actor. Films like Cosmopolis and Bel Ami helped distance audiences from his vampire alter ego, and now, in Anton Corbijn’s Life, Pattinson gives what is arguably the best performance of his career. The 28-year-old heartthrob plays Dennis Stock, the photographer whose iconic photos of James Dean during the last months of his life have sustained the actor’s legend even more than his films.

“James Dean is very much an iconic figure to me,” Pattinson says. “He represents disaffected youth and alienation in a powerful way that still resonates with us. Those photos of Dean, like the one where he is walking in Times Square, are much more part of our image and impression of him than his films. You can feel his aura and mystique in those photos.”

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Robert Pattinson’s Berlinale portrait now in colour

We’ve posted the b/w version of the Robert Pattinson portrait here, now we have it coloured


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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson interview with ZDF – LIFE Berlinale press junket

Translation thanks to In the footsteps of Robert Pattinson:
The video includes clips from the Red Carpet, the press conference and an interview with Anton Corbijn and Rob, unfortunately all dubbed. At 01:40 Rob says (as far as we can hear): “Especially when you are being photographed a lot, you want people not to see anything of you. It is difficult to decide what to reveal. I would never (like Dean) let anyone in my house and photograph my children, ever!”



New pictures of Robert Pattinson’s interview with ‘Scoop with Raya’ – LIFE press junket

Here are two screenshots of Robert Pattinson’s interview with ‘Scoop with Raya’. We’ll add the interview when as sooon as possible.



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